Mengele's experiments in Auschwitz

Dr. Josef Mengele carried out selections of the incoming prisoner transports at the "ramp" of Auschwitz-Birkenau. He sent thousands of people to the gas chamber. Mengele was camp doctor in section B II e, the so-called "gypsy camp", from June 1943. His particular interest lay in identical twins, on whom he carried out bestial experiments, in order to prove that specific "racial characteristics" are inherited.

"One pair of twins called Guido and Nina was barely older than four. Mengele picked them up and brought them back mutilated in a perverse way. They had been sewn together at the back like Siamese twins. Mengele had also connected their veins. Their wounds were suppurating, they cried day and night. Their mother, I remember that she was called Stella, had somehow been able to get gold of some morphine and used it to put an end to the suffering of her children." (Vera Alexander before the tribunal in Jerusalem in February 1985)

On several occasions, Mengele personally killed Sinti and Roma, in order to dissect their corpses. Tissue samples and body parts were sent for "scientific" analysis to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology in Berlin-Dahlem, which always expressed its thanks for the "material" in writing. The director of the institute, Prof. Otmar von Verschuer, was Mengele's former teacher. Mengele once had a complete family of eight murdered, in order to send the differently coloured eyes of the individual family members to the institute in Dahlem.

After the war, Mengele fled to Argentina and later to Paraguay and Brazil, where he probably died in a swimming accident in 1979.

Other SS doctors also misused Sinti and Roma prisoners in Auschwitz for their medical experiments. For example, Dr. Horst Schumann conducted sterilization experiments with X-rays on women and children from the "gypsy camp" which were unimaginably painful.

"SS-Hauptsturmführer Dr. Josef Mengele has been serving as camp doctor in Auschwitz concentration camp since 17th June 1943. He has amply fulfilled the tasks assigned to him and gone beyond the call of duty in his concern with pressing scientific problems in research into the race affiliation of the gypsies.

Furthermore, he has repeatedly cooperated in carrying out special tasks ... His conduct both as a doctor and as a soldier is exemplary." (Application for the award of a War Merit Cross to the SS doctor, Dr. Mengele)