Medical experiments

SS doctors carried out medical experiments on Sinti and Roma prisoners in many concentration and extermination camps. In the majority of cases, experiments were ordered or approved by Heinrich Himmler himself. Enno Lolling, head of Department D III of the SS Economic Administration Main Office, had the task of coordinating the various experiments on concentration camp prisoners.

In addition to military and state authorities, it was the doctors themselves who requested the concentration camp prisoners as "experimental material". They were supported by the German Research Foundation, which also funded Mengele's notorious tests on twins in Auschwitz. Medical experiments also took place in other concentration camps, such as Natzweiler or Dachau.

The medical experiments brought agonies beyond words for the victims. SS doctors forced Sinti and Roma prisoners to inhale poison gas, infected them with pathogens or carried out operations without anaesthetic. The few survivors will bear the physical and psychological scars for the rest of their lives.

Broad sections of the medical profession received information about the human experiments at conferences, at which the results of the experiments were publicly presented. There were no protests. Only a handful of the doctors responsible were called to account for their crimes after the war.