Educational Programmes

Our educational programmes are designed for all visitors to the Centre. We have special programmes for pupils attending all types of schools from the seventh school year and upwards as well as for groups of young people and adults. Whatever their interests and levels of knowledge, groups visiting the centre are sure to find programmes suited to their needs.

Depending on your interests and the time at your disposal, you can choose between a one or three-hour tour of the exhibition with thematic focal points, as well as half-day projects and study days of one day or more.

We also discuss with visitors topical questions about the dangers of racism and right-wing extremism.

In view of the fact that racist violence and infringements of human rights still exist, we feel that it is extremely important to view the historical commemoration of Nazi crimes of genocide as a warning.

What we have to offer

  • Guided tours round the permanent exhibition
  • Study days and project days (also possible as a part of standard and further-training programs)
  • Project consultation and project hosting
  • Exploring the city in the light of its recent history and seeking traces of the past in Heidelberg
  • Planning and running advanced-training courses for teachers
  • Conferences for specialists
  • Supervision of school and university research projects
  • Talks with contemporary witnesses and experts
  • Trips to other to memorial museums
  • Introductions to the history and culture of the Sinti and Roma
  • Lectures and discussions on the history and impact of anti-Gypsyism

Videos of documentary films and statements by survivors supplement the exhibition. Visitors have the opportunity to play videos individually as they go round the exhibition. There is also a projection room where large groups can watch exhibition videos as well as a wide range of documentaries.


If you want to book a tour, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Please note that your booking is conditional until we confirm it.

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