Consultation Department

The Consultation Department is responsible for the topics antiziganism, communication and consultation. Originating from the Bundesberatungsstelle it now does the public relations work of the centre, sensitises the public for the phenomenon antiziganism and supports integration in dialogue.

We do the whole press- and public relations, print and online communication, publish our magazine Newess two times a year and manage the events of our house.

We further inform the public about racism against Sinti and Roma. Therefore the department does research on the topic, generates and coordinates measures against racism and analyses the social condition of Sinti and Roma in Europe.

Originally the department focused on the consultation of Sinti and Roma that today still is an important part of the department's activities, especially concerning compensation, securing livelihood and representing interests. Furthermore the department coordinates the work of our members and supports them in developing initiatives to strengthen the situation of Sinti and Roma.